Data Logger

Portable Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point  measurement 

Data logger with USB Interface and LCD Display tp monitor your storage conditions

Use as a  logger during the seed production, indicating temperature and RH during the different phases of the seed production

As a seed storage logger in order to check differences in temperature and relative humidity during this seed storage

As a logger during transport in order to check possible quality loss

As a temperature and relative humidity logger during different research setups

As a controller during seed drying for overheating (temperature) or efficiency of drying (RH measurement)

An easy to use graph, with instant read-out on each moment (pointer data) Features:





High precision measurements of:- Humidity: 0 to 100% RH- Temperature: -35 to 80°C (-31 to 176°F)

Storage capacity of up to 32,000 measurements

Long battery life – 4 years (at 10 minute sample rate interval)

Replaceable lithium battery

Highly portable and compact design

Durable and sturdy construction

USB interface for PC setup and data download

Unique software application



Precise tool for complete inspection of seed production, shipping, storage

Reliable data collection and storage for long periods

Good and reliable on any condition and extreme weather

Easy to log and analyze data

Standard high-level data plots

An easy to use graph, with instant read-out on each moment (pointer data) Features:

0-100% RH measurement range

-35 to +80 °C (-31 to +176°F)

Dew point indication • USB interface for setup & data download

Download data & graph to Excel

User programmable alarm thresholds for % RH & Temperature

Status indication through green & red LED’s

Replaceable international lithium battery


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