Granomat Whole grain moisture meter

Quickly and accurately determines moisture and bulk density


Usage area

All types of grain, legumes, oil seeds, maize and malt can be examined with the Granomat. Up to 200 different calibrations can be stored in the internal memory. Ask for an overview of the available measuring curves!


The Granomat measures the capacity (dielectric constant), weight and temperature of the sample over the entire grain. It determines both the product moisture and the bulk density (kg/hl). The sample does not have to be crushed. Pour in the sample, select the sample type and press the measuring key. The Granomat fills the measurement cell fully automatically. This guarantees that there is a consistent bulk density. A scraper removes the grains that are not needed for the measurement and ensures that there is a constant volume. The sample is measured within a very short time. The measurement cell is then emptied and the sample falls into the drawer. The measurement result is displayed and can be printed out.

The Granomat has two serial interfaces and one parallel interface for connecting an external printer and for transferring data to IT systems.


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