Opto Agri

COUNTING & FAST TSW Station  (Thousand Seed Weight)

The days of manual seed counting are over

Now, with the Opto Agri, you have TSW, size, shape and many other measurements within 5 seconds

Opto AGRI  distinguishes itself from the others counters by its rapidity and ease of use: 5 seconds are sufficient for getting a TSW measurement on 600 wheat grains, 3000 rape seeds, 400 corn seeds, etc…

All is integrated in one device (balance + PC) for a better ergonomy and for saving work pace.


It is possible to make also biometry and leaf area measurement on the same machine. A special configurations exists for smal seeds <2 mm, like vegetables and flowers.

A ionizing bar is also proposed for eliminating the electrostatic charges in the grains.

All the results are saved and exploitable with a spreadsheet.



Counting and fast TSW on grains, seeds, berries, like: corn, wheat, beans, peas, vegetables or flowers…Result in 5 seconds !

This is not necessary to adjust the machine between 2 species, all is pre-programmed.

Opto AGRI is reliable and accurate. It counts what is weights and conversely.

Biometry and leaf areaAllows to do an significant number of measurements with one machine.  New programs can be added or loaded after delivery.
Integrated antistatic barRemoves the electrostatic loads of the grains in one motion when the tray is placed in the machine.
Configuration fo small seeds like vegetables  (<2mm)It is possible to count all kind of seeds with the  same machine.
Solid device and easy to handleVery simple maintenance and easy to use.

No tedious cleaning nor mechanical adjustement between 2 species


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