Pelleting Machines


The pan coater PC-XL is a machine for manual coating/pelleting of seed lots up to 2.5-3mil pellets of 3.5mm. The pan coater is equipped with a specially segmented drum for optimal material movement and mixing during the process. There are different sizes pans available with different capacities. When you want to coat automatically or coat with higher capacities we recommend you to look at our rotary coating equipment.



The pan coater is equipped with dust extraction from the back of the pan which makes the process better accessible and the operator is much less exposed to the often dusty process (also depends on materials used


  •  Unique segmented drum for optimal material movement / mixing
  •  Choice between 2 standard control panels o Basic panel (On/Off and speed for pan only) o “All-in-one” simple control panel for pump, powder feeder and pan speed (as in picture)
  •  Dust extraction from the back, 100% access to the process from the front
  •  Standard with 1.5mm round spraying gun
  •  Pan height can be manually changed
  •  Electrical pan angle changing system with linear motor
  •  Simple straight forward design
  •  Plug and play standard version
  •  Standard in grey E&E powder coat
  •  CE-European industry standard
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