Rotary coating machine HR350

“Small rotary coater with possibility to have a fully Automated system”

With minimal effort, you will be able to dose/ apply very precisely the crop protection, micronutrient, colorants etc. accurately on the seeds. The HR350 is easy to use and can be delivered from very basic manual up to fully automated rotary coating.



The HR350 is easy to use and can be configured based on your needs. We can add several liquids, powder supplies, SLSS systems etc. Basically the HR350 gives you the opportunity to do laboratory scale testing of protocols but it can also be setup as a medium/small production machine.


  • Easy to operate
  • 100% top access
  •  “Off centre” liquid supply
  •  Exit door opens in rotary direction (Faster and cleaner emptying of the machine)
  •  Pneumatic valve to open door
  • Standard in hammer tone grey powder coat
  •  LED light to illuminate process
  •  Fan for air pressure underneath main disk
  •  Wear resistance stator made of stainless steel, no liners to have a smooth finish
  •  PLC machines are equipped with a modem for external support
  •  CE-European Industry standard
  •  Several standard control box options available
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