Sample Cabinet Dryer

“Static drying of several small lots in a easy compact system”

The LAB-SCD is specially designed to dry several smaller samples at once in a compact and easy to use system.
Because of the design the complete dryer is closed and there will be no airflow going into the working space. Just
connect it on a dust extraction system and the dryer is ready to go.



Two opening doors provide access to the drying cylinders and they can be easily removed or put into the special
adapters. The LAB-SCD has 3 tower connections, 2 pieces for 125mm drying cylinders (0-0.75 litre seeds) and 1 for
160mm drying cylinders (0.5-2 litre batches). You can put up to 3 cylinders on a 125mm connection and 2 on a
160mm connection.
Due to the compact design it is easy to put into laboratory because it will fit through standard “person” doors. The air
temperature will be controlled by a PID regulated system. The actual flow through each tower can be set by manual
valves. The control box can be set up to dry continuously or dry for a certain tim

 Steel powdercoated frame
 To be used in ambient temperatures 15-25ºC
 Drying air temperature range 20-35ºC
 Control box with:
      o PID controlled heating                (3kw)
      o Frequency controlled fan
     o PT100 temperature sensor   to control inlet air  temperature
    o Digital timer to set drying duration
 6x 125mm drying cylinder for 0-0.75L product
 2x 160mm drying cylinder for 0.5-2L product
 Settable airflow through each cylinder connection (With manual valve)
 2x connection for tower of max 3x 125mm cylinder
 1x connection for tower of max 2x 160mm cylinder
 Complete closed cabinet
 Opening doors at the front to access the cylinders
 Static drying process

 Air conditioning systems
 Extra drying cylinders

A bigger version for drying up to 13 different seed lots the 


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