LT-21 laboratory thresher

The HALDRUP LT-21 laboratory thresher is a thresher for single plants, ear bundles and stem plots and is suitable for threshing, de-bunching and cleaning cereals, legumes, vegetable seeds, clover, grass, rice, etc. without grain breakage, grain loss or mixing.



The HALDRUP LT-21 is a laboratory thresher for use with individual plants, ear bundles and small
The thresher is suitable for threshing, de-awning and cleaning of cereals, pulses, vegetable
seeds, clover, grass, rice, and many other seed varieties.
Thanks to the special design of the concave, it is particularly suitable for threshing of small
amounts of crops. Therefore, you will receive very good results when threshing e.g. barley,
fl owers, triticale and vegetables as well as other crops that are diffi cult to thresh.
The reliable technique allows for threshing with nearly no breakage, loss or mixing of grains. The
continuous speed adjustment of wind and threshing drum allow for highest purity of crops as
well as simple and quick adaption to various cultivated crops.
Grains, chaff and stalk remains are dispatched through three
separate outlets. Dust is collected in the cotton bag located at
the rear side of the machine.
The concave can be easily accessed by folding up the machine
housing; the concave can be changed without the use of tools.
The quality-tested safety concept consists of two safety switches
and an emergency-off button.
Thanks to its stable and mobile way of construction, the LT-21
can be used in the lab as well as in the fi eld.
All our machines can be built according to our
customers’ requirements and adapted to their
specifi c needs.


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