“Quick and Easy disinfection of seed lots”

The BioFlash is a brand new developed biologic disinfection system with already proven results on several seed species. The machine is developed together with several seed companies to prove the effect of the steam disinfection. The BioFlash Lab system gives you the opportunity to develop steam disinfection protocols and even do production of small seed lots. The machine is easy to use due to the intelligent software and protocol setup.


The requested maximum temperature and duration can be easily set in the protocol and the machine will do the complete process. Because of the automatic protocol system you can repeat trails, be sure that all runs are exactly the same and develop automatic disinfection protocols.


  •  Standard stainless steel frame
  •  Control box with PLC and HMI for easy control of process o Up to 99 recipes o Automatic PID controlled BioFlash process
  •  Logging of at least 5 batches and can be exported to USB Flash Drive
  • Container location with transparent door for easy access but safe process
  •  Special container for BioFlash protocol
  •  Automatic steam supply system (excl. steam generator)
  •  Air speed and several temperature sensors for logging complete process


  •  Smaller container for even smaller quantities Steam generator (electrical or gas fired)
  •  PLC upgrades for extended logging functionality


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