“Modular system, can be designed to meet your specs!”

The BioRinse system is designed for liquid treatment protocols such as hot water treatment, rinsing protocols and even “drum priming” like protocols. The system can be configured from manual up to fully automatic with container-container setup.

The “base” of the system is a 200L drum. The seeds will stay in this drum during the complete process, the drum travels from the “rinsing” station, to the optional centrifuge and then into the dryer. The seeds will go dry into the system and will come out dry again.


The modular system contains several different “parts / locations” the first location is the Emtpy / Fill location for the drums. When the drum is placed into this location the drum can be emptied / filled with seeds. The rotation will be done by an linear motor to make this more easy. The cover of the drum can be made in 2 different ways, one to be adapted on an “automatic” system and a more manual version for manual emptying / filling of the drum.
The second station is the Rinse station. In this station the actual process takes place, the station can be filled with pre-heated water and optionally equipped with cooling / heating system to change the temperature during the process. It is even possible to change the liquids and/or add additives. During the complete process the drum can be rotated to have a more homogeneous exposure of liquid on the seeds.
After the Rinsing / Treatment step the drum can be put into an optional Centrifuge station. The centrifuge station is similar to the Rinsing / Treatment station but the drum will be rotated at a higher speed. This will shake of the easy moisture and makes the drying time shorter.

When the centrifuging is done, the drum can be placed in the Rotary Drying System. The rotary drying system is based on our already proven RFBD drying procedure. Due to the special Fluid-Bed pattern and the rotation we can guarantee a homogeneous drying process. The complete dryer is placed on load-cells to have an actual read-out of the moisture decrease in the seeds. This way the protocol will stop when the end amount of moisture is reached. It is even thinkable that a “based on weight loss” protocol is possible.
The control / automisation of the complete process can be configured as you like, this means we can make it from very simple basic up to completely automatic process control and logging.


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