BioRinse Lab

“Compact, modular rinsing system to test protocols / treat small lots”
The BioRinse LAB system is designed for testing / developing liquid treatment protocols such as hot water treatment and rinsing protocols. The system can also be used to do small productions and/or treat small seed lots.

The “base” of the system is a 6L drum, suitable to be used for up to 3l of seeds. The seeds will stay in this drum during the complete process, the drum can be placed from the rinsing station, into the centrifuge and then into he dryer. This means the seeds go in dry and at the end of the process the seeds are dry again.


The BioRinse-LAB can be modular configured, you can combine several washing stations with a centrifuge and multiple dryers and/or make any other possible combination. The controls can be configured from very basic (on-off, timer and temperature control) up to advanced systems with PLC/Protocol and logging options.

The Rinsing station is equipped with a blower for good seed movement (every single seed the same protocol) and by a heating element the temperature will be controlled within +-2ºC during the process. The Rinsing process can be delivered as a manual version (manual emptying / filling of water) or in a fully automatic version with automatic filling/emptying.

The Centrifuge station can be used to spin off the moisture prior to drying. This way the drying procedure will be easier and the drying times will be shortened.

The Drying station is built to dry back the seeds with a fluid-bed drying procedure. Standard the drying station is equipped with an electrical heating. To speed up the drying process and/or to dry at moist ambient air an conditioner can be placed.


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