Air blast seed cleaner and separator
The Minitronic is a machine for separation on specific weight, by using air-blast separation;
suitable for seed-cleaning,-sorting and removal of debris.
– minimal loss of valuable seeds as all seeds remain in transparent boxes.
– self cleaning, very easy control through the transparent window.
– independent stepless adjustment of the air-fan


The seeds fall from the feeding hopper into a horizontal air-current. The amount of seeds
can be adjusted by a valve on the hopper.
In the horizontal air-current, lighter seeds and debris are taken further up than the heavier
seeds which means that the heaviest seeds (with generally the best germination vigour) are
collected in the first transparent box. The lighter seeds are blown into the second transparent
box. The lightest parts, e.g. immature seeds and chaff, are collected in the last transparent
The air-current speed is steplessly adjustable, by an electronic regulator. The air-current
direction can also be adjusted by two tri-angular wooden deflector blocks inside the machine

The basic machine is equipped with a feeding hopper with valve, an air-fan with electronic
speed regulator and a transparent window at the front which opens fully, giving access for
inspection and cleaning. The seeds are collected in three transparent boxes.

Additional Options
1. For larger amounts, more precision and a more regular flow of the seeds, the VIDOS
vibrating feeder hopper is recommended.
The seed-flow is steplessly adjustable by electric switches.
The hopper has a capacity of 3.5 l.
The VIDOS feeder can be fitted on top of the basic machine MINITRONIC, but
can also be used to improve the feeding of other small seed processing equipment.
2. For lightweight seeds (e.g. grasses), the extension-part with 2 additional transparent
boxes is recommended, resulting in two more levels of separation. It can be mounted and
dismounted in an instant, quickly and easily.


Dimensions of the basic machine
Length : 70 cm
Width : 30 cm
Height : 60 cm
Working width : 8 cm
Drive : 40 W, 230 V, 50 Hz.
Capacity of hopper : 3 l.