Zig-Zag aspirator

The Zig-Zag aspirator is a machine designed to separate seeds on specific weight in a vertical ZZ shaped column, for seed productions as well as laboratory purposes. Specially developed for gravity separation of small batches with high accuracy. The accuracy equals a gravity table or is even better with flat and/or long seeds.

There are 3 sizes of machines with different capacities to meet your needs



high accuracy of separation, precise separation adjustments, easy reproduction of results
• self-cleaning, easy control through a glass window.
• very easy to operate
• minimal loss of valuable seeds, as all remain in transparent boxes / seed bins.
• also suitable for very small batches (no minimum volume required)
• unlimited stepless / independent adjustment of air fan.
• regular flow feeding by VI DOS vibrating gully.
• Dust-bag filter on air output, for a clean operation, does not need extra aspiration.


The electric adjustable vibrating feeding hopper (1) takes care for an even inlet of seeds in the airflow (3) that is adjustable. The seeds meet the ZZ-shaped air-channel where the heavy seeds fall down against the upward air-stream and are collected in a col-lecting-bin (4). The light seeds join the upward air-stream and are collected in the collecting-bin (6) underneath the air channel. The air and the fine dust are blown out through the ventilator (7). The dust behind the ventilator is being collected in a dust-bag with filtering.

The VIDOS vibrating feeder is located in a vacuum-tight chamber (2) to prevent the air stream in the air channel from being disturbed. The air channel and the vacuum-chamber are completely made of stainless steel. This makes the wall surface ultimately smooth and the machine self-cleaning. The supporting frame is made of carbon steel.
The front is covered with a glass-door (scratch-free and anti-static) which makes it possible to follow the process step by step. The air flow is steplessly adjustable, with a digital read-out on a display. The fan is very stable and operates silently. The vibrating feeding hopper is also steplessly adjustable.
The machine is put on a stable standard. All functions on the panel are next to the air channel and easy to handle. Thanks to the glass-door, the transparent door of the vacuum-chamber and the smooth finishing touch the machine is thorough and easy to clean.
The dust-bag underneath has a zipper which makes the bag easy to empty and easy to clean