Vibrating Calibration System

“Vibrating sieve with an innovative sieve changing system”

The NEW state of the art VCS-600 sieving system makes calibrating and sieving of your seeds much more easier. Due to our special designed sieve clamping system you can now easily exchange your sieves without having parts lying everywhere

NEW DESIGN, less noise, easy to change sieve system and dust extraction


The sieve system is standard equipped with a inlet system, dust hood and control box to make it plug & play. You can place 3 sieves of 600x800mm inside the frame to sort your product into 4 fractions.
Because there is a ball-frame with balls underneath the sieve frame it will clean itself during the sieving process. By frequently vibrating at a higher speed blockage of the sieve slots will be prevented


 All advantages of our knowledge in vibratory sieving in a new design
 Easy ‘no bolt – no tool’ sieve exchange, just open the clamping frame and place new sieves
 Easy access for quick inspection, due to a 2 stage opening hood
 4 fractions in just one run due to the space of 3 sieve plates (600x800mm)
 Standard with dust hood
 Standard with control box for automatic start/stop and change between low/high speed for automatic cleaning
 Plug & Play and ready to use
 CE industrial standard
 Standard delivered with 3 sieves (dimensions on spec) and 4 holding buckets of 150l each

 Inlet belt system
 Several platforms to switch from buckets to containers
 Advanced control system with sensors to switch off at high level seed outlets
 More fractions by adding an extra sieve boat
 Bespoke systems available


Capacity Depends on product, indication 30-40 kg/hr accurate sieving of tomato seeds