Pre Cleaning models

Pre-cleaning is the first mechanical process after harvesting and the reason for pre-cleaning is to

remove all worthless materials from the product.

Normal capacity is set when incoming product (grain) has max. 18% MC and max. 15% impurities.

By removing worthless materials we get a more storage friendly product and we reduce the risk for damaging the product.



The LA-VBS precision sizer for laboratory use is designed for grain samples where the kernels are to be graded according to thickness

In standard construction, the LA-VBS machines are delivered With:

– vibratory feeder with start/stop and potentiometer
– screen section with one screen layer consisting of two grading screens
– screen system is with quick-change device
– variable spring inclination incl. tool for measuring the angle
– two outlet chutes and end outlet
– variable speed drive and motor with built-in frequency converter incl. start/stop and potentiometer for 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz.