Sizing/calibrating machine VK-30

The Selecta VK-30 is Selecta’s new laboratory scale sizing machine for a wide range of seeds. It has been developed to replace sieving by hand and other small sizing machines, for lots from 250 gram up to 15 kg or even more

The new VK-30 has 4 sieve levels for more fractions.
A wide range of sieves makes the machine suitable for almost any crop.


Main details of the Selecta Sizing
machine VK-30

Feeding by VIDOS vibrating feeder for a regular flow, with integrated continuously variable speed adjustment for very precise dosing.
 Capacity of feeding hopper: 20 l. (standard, other hopper sizes on request, see options)
 The machine works with 4 sieves. Sieve dimensions: width 30 cm. length 30 cm.
 The sieves are cleaned on ball frames, with rubber balls. The sieves are placed after each other so inspection and cleaning of the sieves between lots is very easy.
 The sieves are tightly fit in the machine by a unique locking system for quick changing of the sieves and thorough cleaning of the machine.
 The oscillation of the sieve booth is adjusted by a frequency converter, assuring optimal cleaning results.
 The machine has no vibrations as the sieve-booth is counter balanced.
 The machine has a very low noise level.
 Very easy and thorough cleaning of the machine and no contamination risk, because of the open construction.
 No wooden frames on the sieves where seeds can stick and hide.
 Quick clean out means more samples per hour !