LA-P clipper/de-awner

The LA-P clipper/de-awner  for continuous flow (or batch) pre-treatment of various grain types; the purpose of the de-awning operation is to remove awns from barley kernels, loose husks from wheat, and to clip oat kernels.

Clipper/de- awners are also  produced in larger sizes for high capacities – please call for more details



The clipper/de-awner can be used where heavy de-awning is required but also for products where only a light de-awning is needed as the degree of de-awning depends on the length of time the material stays in the de-awner housing.

First and foremost, the agitating scouring action of the LA-P takes place when the kernels rub against eachother being influenced by the rotating movements of the shaft. Secondly, this is achieved when the kernels touch the beaters.

In standard construction, the LA-P machines are delivered with:

– inlet hopper and housing with adjustable inclination from 0° to a bigger inclination
– housing with a rotor with steel beaters and spring loaded outlet valve with scale for regulation of the clipping degree
– speed drive and motor
– collecting bin and mounted on a convenient worktable

The machine is of steel construction.

Special Features