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SeQso is a leading Dutch high-tech company; innovative in patented seed sorting machines and seed analysis instruments.
Dedicated image analysis and smart mechanical solutions are the basis of the iXeed Sorters.

The Seed Sorter Concept

The best sorting of seed was always carried out by man. No seed cleaning or calibrating machinery could outperform the visual interpretation of trained operators.
The iXeed Sorters of the SeQso-family have made a change. These were developed to implement specialist’s visual interpretation onto a machine that performs on a production scale.
It works for you 24/7, unbiased and without supervision.


iXeed CF Bulk Sorter

Sorting individual seeds on maturity, based on Chlorophyll content


  • Average capacity: 100 – 200 seeds/second (pepper – fennel)
  • Unmanned operation up to 68 hours
  • Easy tray exchange
  • Learning facility by clicking in the image
  • 3 Classes (accept, reject, return)

– Pepper
– Cabbage
– Fennel

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iXeed Liquid Density Sorter


  • Average capacity: 30kg/hr
  • Unmanned operation
  • Tunable mass density threshold
  • 2 Classes (low mass density, high mass density)

– Vegetables
– Flowers

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iXeed Compact Sortered CF 

Sorting individual seeds on maturity, based on Chlorophyll content


  • Minimum capacity: 15 seeds/second (pepper-fennel)
  • High accuracy
  • Unmanned operation
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable technique

– Vegetables
– Maize (corn)
– Soy
– Flower seeds
– Rice
– Other crops on request

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 iXeed X-Ray Sorter

Goal: Sorting individual seeds on internal organs


  • Average capacity: 15 seeds/s (tomato)
  • Unmanned operation up to 68 hours
  • 3 Classes (accept, reject, return)

– Tomato / Cucumber
– Melon

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• iXeed Precision Sowing Machine

Goal: Automatic precision sowing of single ‘Raw’ and pelleted seeds


  • Flexibility: sequential sowing of small seed lots
  • Speedy sowing of 1..2 trays (240 seeds) per minute
  • Handling of various crops
  • Seed Tracing
  • Eliminating the need for labour

– Moistener
– Vermiculite covering
– Palletizer
– Customized models

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