Fluid Bed FB Cabinet Dryer

Easy batch drying system for averege lots of primed and/or pelleted seed”

The FB Cabinet Dryer is one of our cabinet dryers especially made for customers who want to dry pellets or naked seeds in a simple-straight forward Fluid Bed Drying principle. We make this system modular, which means that it can be upgraded to a fully conditioned and weather-independant system.



same material container as the FB Mini Dryer, but the FB cabinet has an advantage that it can be coupled to a dust-extractionsystem and being equipped with a conditioning system.

Each FB Cabinet system is standard equipped with a PLC and 10″HMI control system. This system gives you the opportunity to log drying details and store and repeat drying protocols.


Standard features:

  • Fluidization through negative pressure
  • Aluminium holding bucket (100ltr)/mild steel cart holding approx. 1.000.000 wet pellets or approx. 100 liter seed
  • Control Box equipped with:
    • PLC controlled system
    • Frequency controlled main fan (4kw)
    • 10″Vipa TFT screen
    • Local logging of temperatures / process with USB export function (CSV)
  • Standard plug and play version
  • Air inlet directly through heat exchanger 1000x400mm (20kW)
    • External hot water circuit to be connected
  • Standard with 5P 16 round EU connector


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