Box Drying System

“Fluid-Bed drying with high capacities and easy to use drying box”

The BD-300 is designed for drying bigger lots of coated, pelleted or treated seeds.

The technical design is basically our BDS drying system but with all advantages of a removable drying box. This gives you the opportunity to load one box while the other box is being dried. The boxes are designed to fit in already existing hot-water treatment plants for wooden boxes



The drying box will be placed into the machine and is held in place by specially designed clamps. At the beginning of
the process the dust extraction hood closes so that all seals are compressed and no air is lost during the drying
process. Because the complete frame is placed on load-cells you can monitor the moisture decrease during the
complete drying process. Another advantage of this system is that in the beginning of the process the complete box
tilts backwards/forwards to have a homogenous fluidisation as soon as possible.
All these features where already tested and designed in our BDS systems. But the biggest advantage of this BD
system is the possibility to remove the box from the dryer and use it for transport / rinsing /treatment. The box is built
of stainless steel and has special corners to be sure that the complete box is in fluid-bed while drying. The box can
also be emptied with standard in use box tippers.
The system is controlled with a PLC and HMI which gives you the opportunity to set drying protocols with several
steps (to slow down the fan when seeds get dryer), dry to pre-set weights and even a logging of all data is included.


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