Rotary Fluid Bed Drying

‘Continuous fluidbed drying without a vibration system’

Filmcoating has basically taken over all conventional powder or slurry based seed dressing. The challenge of today are to maintain advantages of the high output of the rotary coating systems with an efficient continuous drying system.

This series of different size   dryers will make your coating and pelleting lines much more efficient by sieving many hours of work

Can be installed in every existing coating line.



Key features of the system are;

√rotating drum technology that enables a simple continuous flow system.

√ Can be installed in every existing coating line.

√ Very gentle handling of the seed and absolutely self-cleaning drying drum so no down time between orders.

√ Labor saving; no more transport between coater/dryer/de-duster and easy to automate.

√ Sticky/tangled seed will immediately start to ‘free flow’ because of the combined fluidized bed and tumbling action to the rotary drum; no double seeds or clumps, even when applying high liquid rates in the rotary coater

√Running the rotary coating too dry can cause serious ‘rub-off’ during the last few seconds in the rotary coater; so also if drying is not the key target, it will ‘condition’ your seed before going into intermediate hoppers, silos, transport systems to your packing line and helps to avoid bridging, tacking and support free flow down Stream

√ Will separate all dust/small particles from the seed. Rotary coating has an inevitable rubbing/de-bearding effect on seeds such as carrot and beet and this debris is automatically separated from the coated seed

√ Available in different standard sizes and modular extendable with air drying and recirculation systems

√Energy efficient, extremely quiet and operator friendly


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