Integrated Coating and Drying

Very suitable for high loading of crop protection and/or polymer slurries on small veg seeds.

For high slurry loads, but still easy to clean and gentle seed handling!

The ICD system is a perfect system when you need to coat with high slurry loads. The design based on the
conventional pelleting pan has a gentle seed handling which is important while coating easy damaged seeds such as
beans etc.



The complete coating/drying process can be controlled and monitored with a PLC system combined with a user friendly HMI. Due to the easy access of the process pan and the design, it is easy to clean without dismantling parts etc. The capacity of the system is 35-40L / batch and the actual capacity depends on your slurry load and drying requests. A 100ml slurry load process takes around 20* minute batch time. (* significantly depending on seeds, loading, T-max and slurries used).


• Easy to clean system

• Very gentle seed handling

• Good homogeneous liquid spraying system

• Efficient drying based on fluid bed principle

• Maximum seed temperature monitoring while drying

• Easy to operate due to user friendly HMI

• Full process overview with 10” HMI


• Air conditioning system for drying in every weather condition

• Electrical heating system (approx. 12kw)

• Simple condenser dryer to speed up drying times

• Hot water heat exchange system • Peristaltic pump

• Liquid mixing system