Powder Feeder

The Powder Feeders will help you getting  the perfect pellet size and shape by accurate dosing according to your pan and lot size.

We offer three different sizes of feeders to match your pelleting pan

All PF dosators are equipped with a mixing arm for prevention of separation this ensures that the different components cannot UN-mix during the pelleting and/or coatings process. For complete automatic systems there are loss in weight and/or pre-weigh systems available.



◦ supplied with a plug for connection to a pancoater/rotary coater, so no external power supply necessary

◦ no bridges or separation of the product

ptimum mobility


Standard available capacities:



◦ Constant powder dosage for a good and consistent calibration

◦ Empties almost completely, and is easy to clean

◦ Standard mounted on 4 castors for o l/min


Contact for more details and options


0.1-0.9 l/min0.2-2.6 l/min