Marvitech -Solutions for seed analysis


FAST TSW Station  (Thousand Seed Weight) and quality analyzing within seconds 

MARViTECH is the technology leader for optical super-fast seed counting and seed analyzing. Whether smallest flower seeds, vegetable seeds or cereals, we offer the best solution for you. We offer 5 types of analyzers, for almost every purpose and budget.

With our products for seed analysis we would like to support you in the efficient and fast analysis of your seeds. We can look back on 20 years of experience and around 400 instruments in use worldwide.

very fast measuring time < 3 sec.
• Suitable for various seed types > 0,5 mm²
• tray capacity around 1.000 wheat kernels
• counting accuracy at least 99.5%
• easy filling and emptying of the seed tray
• group mode for higher numbers of samples
• fractionation of length, width, area
• easy to clean and maintenance
• intergration of 3rd party equipment


Key FeaturesApplications 
♦total number of seeds in the sample
• thousand grain weight (TGW)
• grain dimension (length, width, area)
• determination of dark or bright seeds (for flat seeds)
• size fractions (length, width, area)
• Calculation of the hectoliter weight
• single seed data
• formular editor to calculate limit parameters
formular editor to create new calculated parameters (purity
Purity detection, detection of certain seeds
• Preconfigured connecting of:
Electronic scales, printers, barcode-reader
• Data export for
All measuring data, single seed data
*.xls, *.csv, *.txt format
Database (via ODBC

Seed phenotyping
Seed Quality Assessment
Agricultural Research
Seed Production and Processing
Seed Breeding Programs
Quality Control in Seed Industry 


Improve seed quality and yield
Increase efficiency in seed processing
Facilitate data-driven decision-making
Reduce manual labor and human errors



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