Pollen Viability Analysis – Z32


Pollen viability plays a crucial role in the production of more and better seed. Amphasys provides a powerful tool to test pollen viability thereby helping to increase the yield of high quality seed and to reduce the cost of production (for example by increasing the female-to-male ratio and the yield per plant).





The reliable determination of pollen quality is a key success factor in the seed and fruit production process. Experiments show a clear correlation between the viability (also called vitality) of pollen used for pollination and the obtained yield. External factors such as light, rain, temperature or chemical agents may influence pollen viability.

Amphasys provides an easy method to test and monitor pollen viability and thus a powerful tool to optimize the plant breeding, seed and fruit production processes. This is particularly important if laborious manual steps are involved and if pollen needs to be stored or transported from one site to another. Our mobile technology can be used in the lab, in the greenhouse or in-field

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